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in my own backyard

For a few thousand dollars you can shoot wildlife in Africa.

Shots abound of a sandstone cavern out West where the noon day sun shines through the space with dusty rays.

There are rows of lavender hedges in France.

Something is indeed magical about these pictures. But there so many versions. All slightly different.

A blind person can take a great picture in India where colors and culture are all around you. Just point the camera and shoot. Having seen travel pictures taken by tourists at famous destinations (ie, the coliseum) I wonder how you could possibly crop the picture to lose the crowds.

So I was sitting at home and hadn't gone on a photographic expedition in a while. Boredom set in as well as guilt for not actively pursuing my craft. I went out in the yard and began to scout around. One of the results was this shell which has sat on a patio table for years. It doesn't look as good in "real life". A little underexposure and a large aperture set for the shell itself resulted in soft textures for the flower pot and the surface of the table. I was very pleased.

A good eye is developed even when a camera is in your hand. Although great shots are a rarity, good shots are everywhere. You just have to be on the lookout. Remember, if you can't take a good picture in your backyard, you won't be able to anywhere else.

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