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There was a time when the operative term for hooking into the flow of the universe was "groovin'". . . you know the song.

Well, I have been camping in state parks recently and went out without my camera gear. (It weighs so much and slows me down!) I went on an eight mile hike in hilly terrain at Torrea State Park. I went on a 10 mile bicycle ride in the woods. I took only my Canon s100 point and shoot.

Photography is a very serious endeavor that depends on persistence and luck. You have to actively search for the outstanding. It is well done if forty pictures yield three that are commendable and one that is printable.

So I felt a little guilty. Great location, wasted?

I don't think so.

You have to understand your subject matter. The subject must also display a degree of subjectivity. Stalking the shot and being concerned with the technical aspect of each potential shot gets a great shot but it also misses out on the understanding that generates that great shot.

That's where the groovin' comes in. My hike allowed me to feel the challenge of the outdoors. I was able to strain at the obstacles of mud and streams. Hear the mosquitos repelled only inches from my ears. Smile at the beauty around me.

By taking in the surroundings I was able to understand nature better so that when I do venture out with full gear I will do it with more insight.

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